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Gospel Music is a category of artistic arrangement and lyricism which is often characterized by the influence of the Holy Spirit. However, Gospel Music is a ministerial office under the salvation mandate of an anointed Minister of GOD.

That office of song ministration is often validated by the oil of God. That is why until the anointing comes upon you, you cannot become like one who stands to directly represent GOD, by Voice.

To expand this perspective, Christian Music is a spiritual calling where one is given the mantle of GOD and endued with the power of God, to impart the lives of all living creatures. So, the anointing of God is what separates an ordained minstrel from a normal singer.

This is not about the pouring of sweet-sounding tunes into the ears of the listener, no. It is rather about the spoken word of GOD, preached in psalms. But then, take the word of GOD out of the composition, and the music is dead with no spiritual value.

This explains the stark difference between the research-based study of music secularism and anointing-filled songs of prophecy borne from the word of GOD.

What people fail to realize is that, before any other thing, a Gospel musician, is first a preacher.

Now, just as three parts of a human make one being, Gospel Music is also made up of the body (the artist), the soul (the flow of sound), and the spirit (the word of GOD). The latter is the power contained in the song that quickens the move of the Holy Spirit to perform.

Significantly, after years of prayer and dedication to the diligent study of the Word of GOD, Evangelist Diana Asamoah continues to establish a spiritual connection with the Holy Spirit who only inspires her to write the mind of GOD and not what gratifies the will of man.

Her Evangelistic Ministry and Office is only accountable to GOD and solely committed to leading every soul plunging into destruction, to the way, the truth, and the life – Jesus Christ. 

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