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I call on all gospel musicians to unite – Evangelist Diana Asamoah explains

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Award winning gospel musician, Evangelist Diana Asamoah says it is only when musicians unite that they can truly realise the glory of God in their line of work. The celebrated singer, who uses evangelism and song ministration to spread the gospel of God said, “all of us, including musicians, need to unite to combat the many challenges confronting the country.”

The multi-talented gospel musician made reference to Genesis chapter 11, in the Bible where the children of men united and aimed at building a tower to reach heavens. Evangelist Diana Asamoah said “the Lord scattered them saying, the people are one and it will be impossible for them not to achieve what they have aimed at doing”.

This she believes should inspire the music industry players, both circular and gospel musicians to unite and achieve greatness.She said if all musicians will come together, the Kingdom of God will rise again, “I believe if gospel musicians will pray and unite, God will push the industry to another high level, she added. Diana Asamoah, who is recognised for award-winning gospel songs such as Yehowa, M’abo wo din, Akoko abon, Pentecost and Woda mu fua, had her upper primary education at Ahwene L/A Basic School.

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