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God can make me marry any man at the right time – Evangelist Diana Asamoah

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Marriage is undeniably beautiful thing especially when you’re lucky to settle down with the right person. Perhaps the reason why Africans hold the oldest human institution otherwise called marriage in high esteem. In our part of the world, ladies are expected to settle down early comparably to men. But someway somehow, some ladies fail to get their partners early as in the case of Evangelist Diana Asamoah.


“I’m not interested in marriage. What I am interested in now is to Evangelise to people across the globe. What is important in this world is to inherit the Kingdom of God and do His will”.

If you worship God wholeheartedly, you can be 100 years and get married to a 12 years boy.
Whatever you want God can grant it to you”, Evangelist Asamoah disclosed. The Gospel singer further stated that she’s not obsessed with marriage like most women do hence anytime she sees others losing their heads over marriage, she concludes that they did not seek first the kingdom of God but rather focused on the worldly pleasures.


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