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The Ministry Of The Gospel Musician

Gospel Music is a category of artistic arrangement and lyricism which is often characterized by the influence of the Holy Spirit. However, Gospel Music is a ministerial office under the salvation mandate of an anointed Minister of GOD. That office of song ministration is often validated by the oil of God. That is why until the anointing comes upon you, you cannot become like one who stands to directly represent GOD, by Voice. To expand this...

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My friends laughed at me when i decided to complete JSS, Mama Lizzy shares her story.

I overheard her story on #adomTV when she was featured on the Rare news with our own “Akrobeto”, I was inspired by her story, I asked “what really inspired her to decided to go against all odds and stay in the same classroom with her kids”, I need to go and hear her full story. I decided to go and visit Mama Elizabeth Yamoah, (57year old JSS graduate) because I wanted to know her full story. After spending a day with her,...

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Bringing back authentic hiplife music to the 21st Century: Frimprince Music Productons

There’s been a lot of talk about where Ghana stands when it comes to music. Which genre do we really own? With the latest influence of foreign genres in our music, the time has come to celebrate our own. I believe Hiplife is one of the genres that’s truly Ghanaian hence the reason to start this initiative. Reason Many have argued on how the music of today has been “diluted” in terms of content. “We hardly find good...

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Evg Diana Asamoah out with a new song titled “Sanbra” (Return)

Evangelist Diana Asamoah who is known for her recent album, “Tetelesta” has released a song to encourage christians to be strong during these unprecedented times.The song which talks about the “The Return of Christ” to save his people for a lot of people are suffering. The song features Quame Gyedu an upcoming gospel artiste which is produced by Bassi Mix and video directed by Sky Web Productions. The song was originally...

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